The World’s Best Kept Real Estate Secret – Medellin Colombia

For the past 40 years, up until 2007, the American press has ransacked Colombia and particularly, Medellin. But with the sound leadership of President Uribe (80% approval rating) Colombia has overcome many of its security issues and now offers possibly one of the greatest real estate opportunities of all time.

Medellin is a cosmopolitan city of 4 million people that rivals anywhere on earth in terms of beauty, climate and cleanliness. At 4200 ft altitude in a mountain valley near the equator Medellin virtually has a springtime climate every month. There are also very few bugs or insects. Thus there is no need for air conditioning, heaters, screens or bug spray. Even the poorest people here have million-dollar views. The city is very clean even in the poorest areas. There are more universities here than in Boston MA. The health care in Medellin is excellent and many people are now coming to Medellin for plastic surgery and dental work at 1/4th the cost in the US.

In El Poblado, Medellin’s most luxurious suburb, there is more high rise construction than in NYC, Los Angeles and Philadelphia – combined. El Poblado is sort of like Brentwood CA but with hills, views and more vegetation. The local populace, paisas, are extremely friendly and like Americans. The women of Medellin are the most beautiful in the world and friendly to boot. No attitudes here and they are warm and family orientated. There is no age discrimination and in fact it is an honor to socialize or date a “maduro”, a mature person.

Condominiums and homes in Medellin are cheaper than Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, the Caribbean and most parts of South America. Quality construction with million dollar views can be had for $50-80 per square foot in the nicest part of Medellin and for less in other very attractive neighborhoods. On a comparative basis Medellin is the least expensive of any major cosmopolitan city in the world.

If one looks at what happened to real estate prices in Costa Rica and Panama when Americans began investing there 7-12 year ago, the prices went up more than 800%. For anyone who has visited all three places they will tell you that Medellin is superior in every respect. So when America discovers that the crime rate in Medellin is less than Atlanta, Baltimore, St Louis, Washington DC, Detroit, New Orleans, and other major US cities and continuing to drop, there will be new interest in discovering Medellin. There is a reason that National Geographic named Colombia as one of its top six tourist destinations for 2008.

But the real proof that the truth about Colombia and Medellin will soon be realized is that in the past 18 months there have been more than 130 positive articles about Colombia and Medellin in US newspapers, magazines and TV. This is more good news than in the previous 50 years combined. There are news archives available on the Internet where these articles and TV clips can be accessed. Between the good news and word of mouth, American visa requests in Colombia are at an all time high and growing.

Timing and location is everything in terms of successful real estate investing. Medellin’s location is second to none and the timing could not be better. Do your research and discover why Medellin is truly the world’s best kept real estate secret whether for investing, as a second home or to retire early and live like a king. It is truly an opportunity to “own a piece of paradise”.

The Real Estate Investment Market In 2006: Why Experts Are Excited And New Investors Are Nervous

Are you confused about where the real estate investment market is going and what you will do in 2006? Well join the club since many, many people are in your situation. I will tell you that many savvy investors are getting very excited BECAUSE the market is changing.

In this week’s article, we are going to conduct a little exercise to clarify what is really meant by The Real Estate Investment Market. Suppose that you read the below article in the New York Times. How do you react? As we go forward, let’s compare your reaction to this information with the reaction of savvy, real estate investors who have been there, done that.

Beach Front Condo Project Bankrupts Local Investors January 11, 2006, Pogomo Beach, FL (APE News)

The struggles of a new, 220 condo unit show the continuation of the real estate bubble. When local real estate agent Daffy Duck was interviewed, he said that some condo values have dropped over 40% in the period since July 2005. The last sale we had was at a high value of $850,000 but now you would be lucky to get $600,000.

APE News has learned that one investor is now having to make mortgage payments of up to $5,000/mo on each of their 3 units. In turn, this is forcing them into bankruptcy. Upon further analysis.

Before you read the rest of this article, I encourage to step back and jot down your knee jerk reaction to this news. Why? Because you will undoubtedly see such real estate investment headlines in the future. If you can sort of your feelings about these types of stories, then you will be miles ahead of most investors and determine how to best profit. People typically have two reactions to this article:

Reaction 1: Articles like this indicate that the overall real estate market is getting soft.

Reaction 2: In flat, soft, or declining real estate markets, it is very risky to invest.

Unfortunately both reactions will limit their ability to produce creative, profitable, real estate investments.

Let’s see how a more experienced investor might think. First, this article would tell the investor that the real estate investment market for $850,000 condos in Pogomo Beach Florida has probably dried up. On the surface, it would appear that both the rental and sales demand are low for THAT particular product in THAT particular area. We will use this knowledge to our advantage in a minute.

Second, the investor knows that this news tells them nothing about OTHER real estate products in Pogomo Beach. For example, the demand for affordable, $250,000, off beach townhomes could be blistering hot in Pogomo Beach. For that matter, who knows what is happening in the single family home market. THESE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT SUBMARKETS CAN ACT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN THE $850,000 CONDO MARKET.

Let me illustrate this point in real life. While writing this article, I am flying to Las Vegas to look at a development that is a condo conversion. Before I left, I have seen several news pieces about high end, on the strip condo developments terminating in Vegas; clearly not great news for high end condo, real estate investments.

On the other hand, we know that Las Vegas area still faces an issue with an ever increasing population, is land locked, and has a shortage of affordable housing. I also know that because of our group size at, we are getting offered an interesting opportunity to get in first. Time will tell if this development is appropriate for our web site, but we know without seeing it that this submarket of Las Vegas has considerable potential; all the while the popular press has a dim view of the Vegas real estate investment market.

Another insight that the sophisticated investor knows is that huge returns can be made in soft or down real estate investment markets; i.e., they understand that all markets do not always go up but there is money to be made regardless of what the markets are doing. To understand this concept, let’s go back to Pogomo Beach and see what we can do.

Suppose your believe as an investor is demand for beach front condo’s will be extremely strong. Yes, there may be a hiccup for 12-24 months but the fact remains there is little beach front left and a lot of baby boomers who want to own it —– someday. When looking at the above news article, maybe the investor decides that if purchased for $485,000, then the Pogomo Beach condo would be quite attractive and likely to generate a nice return in time. But even at that price, maybe they are not ready to rush out and acquire a unit.

Next, maybe the investor understands that some people bought into this project very cheap at preconstruction prices and might be quite happy to get out with some profits rather than having to make mortgage payments month after month, deal with tenants, have to furnish the unit, etc. Quite possibly the investor might be interested in purchasing a unit if they can get the right price let’s say maybe $395,000. If somebody excepts that offer, then great, they have just bought themselves a great investment for a real estate product in a soft market. Yes, they are going to have to rent this out for a while to let the market catch back up to them but they know they have just purchased a great asset for a tremendous price.

Hopefully by using this fictitious article as a training example, you have gotten a better understanding of your believes about how to handle 2006. In addition, with this background, maybe the next time somebody asks you what the real estate market will be for [fill in the blank], you can give them a highly accurate answer: some people will make a boatload of money and some people will lose money. While this will not satisfy them, you know that it will be true in almost every active real estate market in the country.

Copyright 2006 Chris Anderson

Zooming Singur Real Estate Prices

West Bengal Real Estate: Realtors Making Hay While The Sun Shines

Amar Ghosh is a real estate broker, who is negotiating a deal with a Mumbai-based company for 65-acres around Singur, 40-km. from Kolkata for Rs. 22.5-lakh (Rs. 2.25-million) per acre. His last deal before work began on the Tata Motors’ small-car project in this fertile potato-growing belt was for Rs. 4, 50,000-per acre.

Ironically, the project has attracted national attention due to the protests that took place over the government’s land acquisition for Ratan Tata’s dream small car project, which has made it the cynosure of local real estate developers, who are hoping to cash in on heightened corporate interest in land deals in the area.

Land prices around the project site have gone up two to three times the per-acre compensation paid by the state government to farmers. Compensation, which itself is as much as a 130% premium to the market prices prevailing then.

Presently, against Rs. 8, 70,000-per acre for single-crop land and Rs. 12,76,000 per acre for multi-cropped land, the land around the Tata Motors’ 997-acre factory and vendor park costs Rs. 22-24 lakh (Rs. 2.2-2.4-million) per acre.

In 2002, when work began on the construction of National Highway No. 2 which passes by Tata Motor’s factory, land prices began to rise in the area. And, that was when prices shot up from Rs. 24,000 – 30,000 an acre to Rs. 150,000 an acre. Subsequently, new industrial units pushed up prices to Rs. 300,000 an acre.

But, market dynamics have changed radically with the controversy over land acquisition for Tata Motors’ project subsiding. So much so, a Kolkata real estate developer has said there are more land speculators at Singur than companies wanting to set up projects.

Many of these speculators made a lot of money selling plots to the government for the Tata project. “They have bought the frontage 3-6 km. away from the Tata Motors project site, without which no company or real estate [] developer will be able to set up projects,” a real estate source discloses.

Ironically, these speculators were successful in acquiring land from farmers at low rates ahead of the land-acquisition drive for the Tata Motors’ project, because their activities were low-key and attracted no political interest, unlike those of the state government. Significantly, the state government has said that around 500-private real estate deals were closed in Singur before the Tata Motors project was announced.

However, the speculative rise in land prices may, ultimately, prove self-defeating. Many companies from other parts of India, including Indonesia and West Asia evinced interest in setting up ancillary projects around the Tata Motors’ factory. However, high land prices proved to be a deterrent for their wishes.

The whopping appreciation in real estate prices is not restricted to Singur, alone. It stretches all the way from Dankuni to 12-km. away, where Delhi-based real estate developer DLF is setting up a near-5,000-acre township.

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Commercial Real Estate in India

Though the economic downturn has stunted the growth of the Indian realty market, we can always begin the year 2010 with a new ray of hope. In fact, the year has already brought cheers on the face of the demand starved real estate sector. The Indian economy is rapidly recovering, resulting the Indian property market to reach out new heights of achievements, especially with respect to commercial estates.

As the recession is fading, India is witnessing the gradual increase in business activities. Hence, the demand for commercial complexes is increasing causing the developers to take up challenging commercial projects.

  • According to world renowned realty consultant Cushman & Wakefield, important Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are expected to witness the strong-end user demand for commercial projects in the year 2010.
  • The cities would also undergo change in sentiments that would eventually lead to the expansion of business and hence, benefiting the commercial land lords.
  • Since the end users are returning, the core developers would rather come back in the commercial real estate scenario more aggressively in order to invest their funds.
  • The increasing demand for the commercial real estate would receive a further boost due to the favorable monetary policies taken up by the Indian government in 2010.

Many realty developers offer property valuation and property management services for easy assessment of the property. Whether for sale, rent or lease, the methods of property valuation are strictly followed with respect to the guidelines laid down by the development authorities.

Apart from valuation guidelines, the development authorities also undertake the task of commercial property auctions along with regulating the commercial property tax and laws.

The Commercial Real Estate News is a good source for getting information on recent trends of the commercial property market. We would also get to know about the top listed developers and their updated developments.

How to Generate Real Estate Leads With QR Codes

In recent real estate news everyone has been talking about the amazing bar code that can be scanned by cell phones. In this how to I will give you some ideas on how to use these codes to hopefully generate you some leads and get peoples contact info.

Step one: figure out what you want your leads to see when they scan a code. A common mistake is sending people to your website which is not optimized for mobile and does not have any value to the consumer when they scan it. What you can do though is send them to your business Facebook page where they can “like” you and you all of the sudden have someone to market to automatically! You can also make a Google site or form with school information, or buying tips, get pre qualified. for the specific house if that’s where they are scanning from, or a form they can can fill out to receive more listings from or set appointments to see a property which is great because you will have their contact info. If they scan if from a business card you can make a Google page that will give the person links to Facebook, LinkedIn, blog and so on. (Google sites will be covered in another post).

Step two: create some bar codes. There are many free QR code generator sites and you just have to Google QR code to find them. This part is simple. Just copy and paste the desired URL into a box and click generate to make the code. It takes about 3 seconds but make sure you test the barcode before saving it. (Tip: if its a long URL you get a huge code box which takes longer to scan and doesn’t work as well. You can go to and shorten the web address which will make you a much better bar code).

Step three: put the codes on stuff. You can put the codes just about anything. Signs, paper flyers, water bottles, yard signs, business cards, even a baby! Its fast and easy so you can make a bunch of the to correspond with any of the pages talked about in step one that will give consumers a reason to “follow” “like” “friend” or fill out a form. Just make sure its useful.

I hope these tips are useful for you and if anyone out there manages to actually generate substantial business from these, I want to know about it! This technology is still new but I think in the near future these will be huge for business as people will want to save everything on a smart phone that they can pull from the real world.

Ryan Schattner

Escrow Coordinator PLUS